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"from Design To Creation: Exploring The World Of 3d Printing"

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Module 1: Introduction to 3D Printing Overview of 3D printing technology Historical background and evolution Types of 3D printing processes Understanding the advantages and limitations of 3D printing Module 2: 3D Modeling and Design Introduction to 3D modeling software Creating and manipulating 3D models Design principles for successful 3D printing File formats for 3D printing Module 3: 3D Printing Technologies Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Stereolithography (SLA) Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) Digital Light Processing (DLP) Comparison of different 3D printing technologies Module 4: Materials for 3D Printing Overview of commonly used 3D printing materials Properties and characteristics of different materials Material considerations for specific applications Advanced and specialized materials for 3D printing Module 5: Preparing Files for Printing Preparing 3D models for printing Orientation, support structures, and slicing Software tools for file preparation Troubleshooting common file issues Module 6: Operating 3D Printers Setting up and calibrating 3D printers Filament loading and bed leveling Print parameters and settings Maintenance and troubleshooting of 3D printers Module 7: Post-Processing and Finishing Techniques Removing supports and cleaning prints Sanding, smoothing, and surface finishing Painting and post-processing options Assembly and integration of 3D printed parts Module 8: Applications of 3D Printing Rapid prototyping and product development Medical and healthcare applications Aerospace and automotive industry applications Art, fashion, and design applications Future trends and emerging applications Module 9: Advanced Topics in 3D Printing Multi-material and multi-color printing Hybrid manufacturing and integration with traditional methods 3D scanning and reverse engineering Large-scale and industrial 3D printing Cutting-edge research and developments Module 10: Project Work Applying the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the course Designing and executing a 3D printing project Presenting and showcasing the project to peers and instructors Feedback, evaluation, and discussion of the project

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Co-Founder and President of Kambaii Health. Mehdi Shams is the Co-Founder and President of Kambaii Health. He is also the Co-founder and the President of CRID-USA (Center for Robotic Innovation and Development-USA). He has more than twenty years of experience in information technology in the United States. He received his BSc. degree from the University of North Texas in computer science with minors in entrepreneurship and strategic management. He started his career with Microsoft and has worked for many technology giants - Southwestern Bell, (now AT&T), Verizon, Hotels.com, Blue Cross Blue Shield in different capacities. He was the head of PMO (Director) at IPC- Team Health prior to co-founding CRID-USA. Mehdi has spearheaded large software development projects, TELCO infrastructure integration projects, network roll out projects, Federal and States government projects throughout his career. He has extensive experience in the American healthcare system. He has played a vital role in implementing Affordable Care Act popularly known as Obamacare in 14 states for the Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance company. He also led many development initiatives in the integrated healthcare devices. He came up with the vision to create a platform for the innovators and high school students to help support innovators’ dreams and bring their dreams to reality. His vision is to create a semi-formal alternative approach of learning for the innovators and to implement a robust support system for the innovators which includes everything from idea to reality


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