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Public Health Is An Essential Field That Focuses On Preventing Diseases, Promoting Health, And Prolonging Life Through Organized Efforts And Informed Choices Of Society, Organizations, Public And Private Sectors, Communities, And Individuals. Public Health Courses Are Essential For Several Reasons, Including:develop Knowledge And Skills: Public Health Courses Provide Students With An In-depth Understanding Of The Key Concepts, Theories, And Practices Of Public Health. Students Learn How To Analyze Public Health Problems, Design And Implement Interventions, And Evaluate The Impact Of Their Interventions. Can Work In International Organizations To Address Global Health Challenges Such As Pandemics, Emerging Infectious Diseases, And Environmental Health.

Dr. Hossain Md. Al-Amin | Level 9

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What You Will Learn

  • Public health

  • pandemics

  • environmental health.

  • Cameroon

  • emerging infectious diseases

  • social determinants of health

Certificate Course on Public Health Introduction: The aim of this concept note is to propose the development of a Public Health Course. This course is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the principles and practices of public health. The course will be suitable for a variety of audiences, including undergraduate and graduate students, healthcare professionals, and individuals looking to start a career in public health. Objectives: The objectives of the Public Health Course are to: Introduce participants to the principles and practices of public health Develop participant knowledge and skills in epidemiology, biostatistics, health policy and management, and global health Enhance participant understanding of social and behavioral determinants of health Provide participants with practical tools for public health research, interventions, and evaluation Encourage participants to think critically about public health challenges and possible solutions Content: The course content will include topics such as: Introduction to Public Health Epidemiology and Biostatistics Global Health and Health Systems Health Policy and Management Environmental Health and Sustainability Social and Behavioral Determinants of Health Infectious Disease Control and Prevention Chronic Disease Prevention and Management Public Health Ethics and Law Format: The Public Health Course will be delivered in a hybrid format, combining online and in-person learning. Participants will have access to online lectures, readings, and assignments, and will attend in-person discussions, group work, and practical sessions. The course will consist of approximately 35 hours of instruction over a 6-week period. Faculty: The course will be taught by experienced public health professionals and academics who have expertise in the various topics covered in the course. Evaluation: Participants will be evaluated on their understanding of the course material through assignments, quizzes, and a final project. Feedback from participants will be gathered throughout the course to identify areas for improvement. Funding: The course will require funding for faculty salaries, course materials, technology, and promotion. Funding sources could include institutional support, grants, and participant fees. Faculty salaries, course materials, technology and Online promotion will be provided by CRID-USA. Local Organizing and Banner will provide by FOMCAM Community I. Introduction to Public Health Definition and history of Public Health Key principles and concepts of Public Health Importance of Public Health in society II. Health Determinants and Disparities Social determinants of health Behavioral and lifestyle determinants of health Environmental determinants of health Health disparities and inequalities III. Epidemiology and Biostatistics Basic epidemiologic measures Study designs in epidemiology Statistical methods in Public Health research Analysis and interpretation of health data IV. Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Strategies for health promotion and disease prevention Health education and communication Community-based interventions Screening and early detection of diseases V. Health Systems and Policy Healthcare systems and structures Health policy development and implementation Health economics and financing Health technology assessment VI. Global Health Global health challenges and priorities International health organizations and initiatives Global health research and interventions Humanitarian aid and disaster relief VII. Special Topics in Public Health Infectious disease control Chronic disease management Maternal and child health Occupational and environmental health Mental health and substance abuse VIII. Ethical and Legal Issues in Public Health Bioethics and Public Health ethics Legal foundations of Public Health practice Privacy and confidentiality in Public Health research Health policies and regulations IX. Research Methods in Public Health Qualitative and quantitative research methods Data collection and analysis Survey design and sampling Program evaluation and quality improvement X. Public Health Practice Practical applications of Public Health principles and concepts Public Health leadership and management Public Health workforce development Community engagement and partnerships The Public Health Course will provide participants with a strong foundation in public health principles and practices. The course will be suitable for a variety of audiences and will be delivered in a hybrid format to accommodate different learning styles and schedules. The course will be taught by experienced public health professionals and academics and will provide participants with practical tools for public health research, interventions, and evaluation

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